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Oct 07 2011

the best birthday ever

well, after my last post, it’s only right i check in today to say that i had the best day ever with my kids and that it is my birthday (hello 22) and my kids were just DARLING.  some of them even brought in cards and little presents and one parent brought flowers from the class.  then my mom came in at the end of the day and we had cupcakes and they got to meet my dog.  they were SO! GOOD! and i remember why i love this, and why i do it.  because sharing a happy occasion with a group of innocent, happy, excitable, smart little people is probably the greatest gift on this earth, and because they make my happiness multiply and i can make theirs multiply, too.  i was so, so proud of their behavior today and they learned a lot academically, too.

i was so happy with them i even played hopscotch and went down the slide with them at recess instead of standing on the sidelines and disciplining.  it was awesome.  of course, z didn’t come to school today (i legitimately believe his mother kept him home as a birthday present for me, but maybe she called the number of the children’s psych evaluation place i gave her yesterday and he had an appointment today) and neither did my other 3 more minor (but still) behavior problem children.  but still.  if the rest can maintain this climate when those kids aren’t there, they can while they’re there, too.  z isn’t going to run my classroom anymore.  now when i have days like i did earlier this week, i can remember how wonderful my kids made my birthday and find strength in that.

ps when my kids asked me how old i was, i told them i was 100, and they were like, “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m four!”

pps when the school police officer overheard my kids saying it was my bday, he was like (JOKINGLY), “how old are you? 21?”  …if only he knew how close he is… i told him i’m 100, too!

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