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Feb 28 2011

In like a lion

First, I just need to say that it’s a miracle that I am lying IN MY BED at 11:00 p.m. on a school night, ready for sleep.  I probably won’t actually go to sleep for a few hours, but the point is that I managed my time so well that I am in the position to go to bed before 2 a.m.  For a thesising (yes we use it as a verb) senior at my school, this is a big deal, especially in late February.  I’ve been so busy lately I’ve scarcely had time for a break down.  What with working on my thesis every day, doing my plethora of other homework, doing TFA related things like updating my resume/getting fingerprinted, attempting to study for the ECE Content Knowledge Praxis II I have to take in less than two weeks (!!!), going to the gym (a necessity for my mental health), and managing all of the clubs and committees I am on/in charge of… I’ve had a lot on my plate.  I really cannot wait to graduate.  Almost as much as I can’t wait for this interminable winter to end already.  There’s been so much snow in Western Mass this season that I’d be happy if I didn’t see snow again for 5 years (which is big for me because I love snow!).

Anyway, this probably sounds funny to any current corps members reading this, who are undoubtedly just as busy as I am, only with real, work related things, this time of year.  I guess I am lucky I’ve been so overloaded throughout my time at college, because it means that I have great time management skills.  I have been known to procrastinate (changed my thesis topic in December; didn’t start writing til… oh… mid-January.  This is a project that’s supposed to around 70-120 pages, the result of 4 years of scholarship and research).  But despite those lapses, I do manage my days quite well.

With that being said, I have had some problems with studying for the Praxis.  I am very anxious about it for different reasons.  For one thing, I go to a somewhat alternative school, which means I haven’t taken an EXAM-exam (as in, one that didn’t consist solely of essay questions and short answer questions) in four years.  You could say I’m a little out of practice.  Sitting down yesterday to take a full length practice test out of my study guide book was brutal.  Not only am I rusty in focusing my attention in such a limited way, I also got a LOT of the questions wrong.  I’d wager I got more than half wrong (I couldn’t stand to actually tally it).  This doesn’t really concern terms in terms of my potential efficacy as a teacher, because the questions weren’t really reflective of that sort of judgment.  They were just… weird.  They were critical thinking questions, mostly (which you’d think I’d be good at since I am a *ahem* Critical Theory major, after all), but they were just… not what I was expecting.  There was a strong emphasis on pedagogy, which the ETS site explicitly says there won’t be, so I’m not sure how accurate the book is.  Oh well, whatever.  I plan to read/skim as much of the book as I possibly can over the next week and a half, take the post test, and hope to do well on it.  Maybe supplement by watching some Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?  Wish me luck…

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  1. Liz Gordon

    I am also STRUGGLING to study for the ECE praxis!! I ordered a study guide online but it hasn’t even arrived yet so I’ve just been using the few resources I can find online. So if it makes you feel any better…. you’re not alone :-)

    • aea107

      !!! What do we do? I am kind of worried because I do remember them saying if we fail this time we have to defer membership til next year? Can that possibly be true?

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